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Wireless LAN Solutions for Government
Serving the Security Needs of Government Agencies

Federal Security

Serving the Security Needs of Government Agencies

Mojo Networks is committed to serving and supporting its federal government customers. Whether the need is to protect mission critical WLANs, wired enterprise network infrastructures or wireless client devices from wireless threats, Mojo provides the most comprehensive product suite designed for accurate and automated protection from all current and emerging wireless threats.

Mojo's patented and award-winning Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (Mojo AirTight) is designed for automated WiFi and “No-WiFi” policy enforcement, significantly reducing resources and time-to-resolution compared to other WIDS/WIPS solutions through its behavioral techniques that minimize false positives and encourage automatic quarantine.



Mojo Networks and its AirTight security platform have long been trusted by both Defense and Civilian agencies to protect the airspace of all levels of government. Since 2006, the Department of Defense recognized that wireless threats to their wired infrastructure need to be addressed. Through directives like DoDD 8100.02, some basic requirements were identified, which included:

  • 24x7 monitoring of all wired and wireless DoD networks
  • Location Tracking capabilities
  • WIDS/WIPS required on all DoD wired and wireless network

Under the guidelines of FISMA, the governing authority for U.S. federal cyber security, agencies across all branches of the U.S. federal government trust Mojo Networks to secure their networks from wireless threats of all shapes and sizes.



The U.S. federal government implements strict standards for all security technologies that touch their networks. The effectiveness of any platform is only as important as its integrity, ensuring that it protects the network, the people who are on it, and the data passing through it as well as it protects its own management and control communication.

Mojo AirTight has successfully achieved the certifications needed to demonstrate strong encryption for management and control communication, data integrity and compliance of hardware and software. You can read more about these certifications below.



Mojo AirTight is proven to provide Information Assurance Managers and other Security professionals with a dedicated security platform that requires minimal time to configure, manage and maintain, allowing their limited staff to focus on real network security issues. It also allows network administrators to select the best WLAN solution for their need without compromising or disrupting their security posture.