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Mojo Wi-Fi for Restaurants
Catering to Happy Customers and Increased Sales

Secure Wi-Fi for Restaurants - Catering to Happy Customers and Increased Sales

A Complete Platform for Guest WiFi, Secure Access and Customer Engagement

Mojo cloud managed WiFi provides the industry's only complete platform for wireless access, security and engagement. You can create secure WiFi networks, maintain compliance of your payment card environment and design and deploy beautiful Guest WiFi portals with advanced engagement capabilities all from a single pane-of-glass.


Simple Policy Deployments

We make it easy to distribute single policies across thousands of access points simultaneously and deploy in a fraction of the time with Mojo Wireless Manager.


Beautiful Splash Page Design

With Mojo Canvas, you can create custom splash pages that offer direct customer engagement opportunities. Our web-based designer lets you promote your brand without any web skills required.


Compliance and Security

Identify, locate, and shut down threats to your network automatically with Mojo AirTight. Easily comply with PCI DSS standards and keep your networks secure.


Third Party Integration

You can leverage Mojo API and other built-in plugins to automatically pass guest information directly to your CRM or database platform in real-time.


WiFi Analytics

Mojo Guest Manager visualizes massive amounts of data to give you deep insights and business intelligence into traffic flow, repeat visits and more.

Wireless IPS

Detailed Network Statistics

With Mojo Navigator, you’ll know exactly what is happening at every level of your network. See connections, network threats and performance dips with ease.